Data Center Services

We work to eliminate challenges

Infrastructure services can be an IT challenge. Operations are forced into silos, spread across multiple platforms, managed by multiple teams, sometimes across multiple independent data centers. Our infrastructure solutions remove roadblocks. IKW offers infrastructure solutions that were born to support and provide IT solutions to companies with highly sensitive and critical information. We understand strict compliance standards, regulations, how to handle the most sensitive information, and ensuring that it is accessible - always. Our tailored technology solutions are delivered through redundant World-Class data centers. Accessible, secure, reliable and compliant; our data center is supported by an expert team driven by industry proven processes in a purpose-built facility.

When we talk to clients, what they are often most fearful of is being the next news headline because they were breached or having their entire operation go into a frenzy because servers are down and critical information is inaccessible.


We help you get the job done right with talent selected based on your needs.
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We can build you an IT roadmap to guide you to where you want to go. No limits.
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We secure your data in compliant, world-class facilities - 99.9999%.
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